Get Locations

Get all company locations


Calling the /company/locations endpoint will return all the job locations that belong to that company.

By default, all the locations are returned.

The result will have the following keys:

oidencrypted id of job location
updated_atLast timestamp when location was updated
created_attimestamp when location was created
location_idid of the location
namename of the location
addr_1Address 1 of the location
addr_2Address 2 of the location
zip_codezipcode of the location
latitudelatitude co-ordinates of the location
longitudelongitude co-ordinates of the location
phone_numberAI phone number assigned to the location
statusThe status of the location. Possible values are 1(Active), 2(Pending) & 3(Deleted)
conversation_idid of the conversation assigned to the location
is_remote1 if location is assigned as remote
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